5 Must drinks to try in Valencia, what to drink in Valencia

What to drink in Valencia 5 drinks to try

If you are like me and like to discover the local food and drinks of the places you visit, if you are coming to Valencia What to drink in Valencia? is an important question for you! In our article we will answer that question!

Valencia, home of the paella, is well-known for its culinary offers, but it’s also a paradise if you like wine and trying new drinks. 

If you plan to come to Valencia, here you have a list of  must drinks for you to taste:


Horchata is our most traditional refreshing drink. It is made from just 3 ingredients: tigernuts (in Spanish chufa) , sugar and water. Horchata is extremely healthy: it contains vitamin C and E, minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and iron. Valencia has produced horchata for over 700 years, and it used to act as a medicine because it is good for digestion

what to drink in Valencia Horchata and fartons

I recommend you drinking organic horchata with no additives, at a lesser-known place! Enjoy it with our traditional pastry called farton. It’s perfect as a snack oin a hot day. On our Market tour you will learn more about this drink. 

Where to drink horchata: I like Horchateria el Collado  or the Mon orxata stands around the city. 

Valencian Wine

what to drink in Valencia Valencian wine Valencian white wine

One of the best parts of discovering the local gastronomy is tasting the local wine. The Valencia region has been producing wine for the last 2700 years. In Valencia, look out for Utiel-Requena and Valencia wines. Take our Market Tour with Wine Tasting where I will tell you about local grapes like the reds Bobal and Monastrell, or Merseguera and Moscatel for white wines. Taste delicious local wines from small wineries.

We also invite you to visit a winery to learn and taste even more!

When you go to a restaurant, I suggest you choose wines from D.O Valencia or D.O Utiel Requena 

Valencian Vermouth / Vermut

what to drink in Valencia Valencian vermut Valencian Vermouth with ice and orange

Have you ever tried vermouth? In Valencia we drink vermouth as an aperitif. It’s a fortified wine normally made from moscatel grapes and botanicals. In Valencia we drink vermouth with a slice of orange and ice but without soda. We normally drink it before lunch, at around noon, or in the evening. It’s one of the drinks we offer on our  Market tour.

Where to drink vermouth in Valencia: Restaurante Bocatin or Bar Vermudez. 

Agua de Valencia 

 Great cava is also produced in the region of Utiel- Requena, and it makes for a great cocktail when mixed with orange juice and other liquors. 

what to drink in Valencia agua de valencia

Where to drink agua de Valencia: Café Sant Jaume or Café de las Horas


Mistela is a dessert wine, produced from moscatel grapes. It usually contains between 13 and 23 % of alcohol. It’s usually taken as a shot and it’s also very tasty with desserts, nice with enjoying fruits with Mistela  pour over fruits such as strawberries as a dessert.

Mistela sweet wine from Valenciawhat to drink in Valencia

Where to drink agua de Valencia: Probably at every traditional Valencian Bar o Restaurant

We hope our article about what to drink in Valencia was useful! To learn more about Valencian drinks take our tour to learn more about our local  drinks! 

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