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Unique Street Art Tour in Valencia and Valencia’s Sistine Chapel!

Street art Tour + Valencian Sistine Chapel

Unique Street Art Tour in Valencia and Valencia’s Sistine Chapel
Our street Art Tour is the only one that Combines street art with Valencia's Sistine Chapel

What we'll do

Discover gigantic murals made by local and international artist, like Escif, Erica il Cane, Blu or Dysneylexia. You will see the contrast between El Carmen and its narrow streets from the medieval part of town and the modern murals. 

Strolling around palaces, murals and one of the highlights of Valencia: Saint Nicholas Church with its 1800sqm of Baroque murals. The Saint Nicholas Church will let you overwhelmed by its beauty.


Our goal

Learn about the different techniques to create this artworks and how and why were made. Discover the messages every piece of art wants to inspire with your Licensed locad Guide. As we have very small groups, answer all your questions to our guide! 

 We will visit the famous Calle de los Colores (Street of the colours) famous for having a stunning mural with a couple kissing. Also explore some murals that are out of the beaten path that you would not find on your own. We will go to a Gallery of Street Art with a store. 


If you appreciate artistic expression there is something for everyone on this tour! Book it now! 


  • Guided Tour  with a licenced guide around the main murals in el Carmen district
  • Reduced group, maxium 8 people 
  • Entrance and visit to Saint Nicholas Church

Price: 19 euros

Time: 17:00

Duration: 2:00 hours


I was lucky enough to be on this tour with Maria and it was great.We saw a lot of street art and Maria pointed out a lot of things i wouldn’t have noticed if i were on my own, such as parts of the old Arab wall. The church was impressive! I would recommend this tour.


Fabulous tour! Maria takes you to some unique places to see. Also included is a walk around the oldest part of the city and to a neighborhood containing many beautiful historical places and street art, all places I never would have found my own. Through all of it Maria provides a thorough narrative of the history, art and architecture of the area.


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